Mei Tai / Meh Dai / Bei Dai :  All you need to know about this asian style baby carrier and half buckle carriers
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Find out all you need to know about an asian style baby carrier called Mei Tai, Meh Dai or Bei Dai. Discover it’s pros and cons and find out what are the best Mei Tai carriers on the market.
Fidella Flash Sales
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Next week we have something very special prepared for you : Sales Flesh of Fidella carriers and wraps. Save up to 50%! From October 24th till 3rd November you can buy in our shop certain Fidella baby carriers and wraps for half price.
New brand Fidella is now available on our website!
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New brand Fidella is now available on our website! Learn more about the brand and the Fidella products. And find out which Fidella baby carrier to choose for your family !