Our story

10 years of experience

The story started 10 years ago, when a French couple : Frédérique and Erwan opened a shop selling environmentally friendly products. They began by supplying all kinds of fair trade, natural, organic and eco-responsible, sustainable products for home and garden.

Erwan: "After we became parents the business evolved naturally toward non-disposable baby products like reusable nappies and accessories, eco-friendly wooden toys and natural baby toiletry products and babywearing".

Frédérique: "Soon after, we became passionate about babywearing and decided to focus our business around ergonomic baby carriers".

Present Day

Today, over 10 years later, Frédérique and Erwan are parents of three and run a few web sites including three online shops with baby wearing products.

Erwan: “Our passion has made us one of the biggest distributors of quality ergonomic baby carriers in Europe and the exclusive supplier of certain brands in several European countries”.

Frédérique: “ As a certified babywearing consultant I realised that parents are not aware of how important it is to have an ergonomic baby carrier that is not only practical but comfortable and safe for your baby. So we started to promote ergonomic carriers and we created Ergonomic-Baby-Carriers.com on-line store in order to provide parents with one place to buy the best ergonomic carrier for them.

Eco-responsible commitment

To this day this is a family-run business, which is committed to being eco responsible. Orders are sent in cardboard boxes and when possible, recycled cardboard boxes are used.

Online shop

The Ergonomic-Baby-Carriers.com on-line shop offers you carefully chosen, best quality and ergonomic baby carriers, wraps and high quality babywearing products.

Ergonomic Baby Carriers logo

Our baby carriers are selected according to the following criteria:

- Ergonomics

As the name indicates, all baby carriers and wraps supplied by our e-shop are ergonomic (physiological).

You want to know how to tell if a carrier is ergonomic or not? You can learn what is an ergonomic baby carrier here.

We always indicate on our product page if the carrier is approved by International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

- Safety First

All babywearing products proposed by ergonomic-baby-carriers.com are made of harm-free materials. We make sure that the products we supply are safe for you and your baby. We put the health and comfort of our big and little customers above everything else.

- High Quality

We care passionately for our environment this is why we do our best to choose sustainable products with a long life cycle.

- ECO Labels

Where possible we choose eco-friendly products made of organic cotton, with Oeko-Tex and GOTS labels.

- Tested and Approved by Experts

All babywearing products we supply are tested by our team which include two certified babywearing consultants. Our products are also tested by parents during babywearing workshops led by our babywearing instructors.

Our mission and our values

Our mission is to provide parents with the best quality, ergonomic baby wearing products without any hidden, harmful chemicals. We have tried and tested all of the products available on our site and we are happy to supply them to you as the best and most trusted products available on the market.

Our mission

We believe that babywearing responds to the needs of both the baby and the parent, and has many benefits for both. We want all parents to enjoy carrying their baby, in a comfortable, safe way with hands free. This is why we do our best to promote the babycarrying in with ergonomic baby carriers and wraps. Our goal is it to help parents understand why ergonomics is an important factor when choosing a baby carrier.

Our values

Why Choose Us?

  • 10 years of experience
  • Only the best quality ergonomic baby carriers
  • Expert advice
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  • Eco-responsible commitment

Our team

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