New brand Fidella is now available on our website!
New brand Fidella is now available on our website!
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About Fidella

Fidella is a German brand that provides high quality ergonomic baby carriers since 2013. Fist baby carrier manufactured by the band was an Onbuhimo, a traditional Japanese carrier without waist band. After a big success with Onbuhimo, Fidella designed their own Meï-Taï carrier, also Asian-inspired, with waist belt to tie. Called Fly Taï, this beautiful, soft version of a Meh Dai is available in two different sizes : baby and toddler. As the brand’s experience in babywearing manufacturing grew they extended its range by creating a full buckled carrier called Fusion, also available in baby and toddler size.

Fidella Fly Tai Mei Tai Toddler Carrier Wolf Royal BlueFidella Fly Tai Mei Tai Baby Carrier Cubic Lines Pale Grey Baby SizeFidella Fusion 2.0  Full Buckle Carrier - saint tropez charming black

Fairness, honesty and transparency : these are the values of Fidella. The brand is selecting very carefully their producers. Fidella search for high quality, functionality and appearance in their products. All Fidella carriers are made of 100% organic cotton and undergo constant quality testing. All the Fidella carriers are wrap conversions which means the carriers are made of particularly soft sling jacquard fabrics. The carriers are designed in Germany and manufactured in Turkey. 

Fidella organic cotton Fidella organic cotton - wrap-conversion-cubic-lines-pale-greyFidella - wrap-conversion-cubic-lines-pale-grey

Fidella carriers

Fidella Onbuhimo Back Carrier

As Onbuhimo carrier offers all a belly-free way to carry for toddlers it is a carrier very appreciated by pregnant mums that don’t want to press their bellies with a waist belt. 

Features of the Fidella V2 Onbuhimo : Fidella Onbuhimo

  • As all Onbuhimo carriers Fidella V2 Onbuhimo is a back carry only carrier, and it designed for children who are able to sit unassisted.
  • The Fidella V2 Onbuhimo carrier can be used to a maximum weight of 30 kg (it is one of the highest weights in the carrier market).
  • Quick and easy to use is especially appreciated by parents with undecided children that wants to go back and forth on mom's or dad's back.
  • The Fidella Onbuhimo have not heavily padded shoulder straps. For some caregivers it is a selling point since they dislike a bulky feeling carrier. For others a disadvantage as they prefer a heavily padded should strap.
  • What we really love about the Fidella Onbuhimo is that your child sits much higher on your back than a regular full buckle carrier.
  • The carrier is fully adjustable with drawstrings on the size and back of the carrier. The carrier adapt to your child size and wight. This is very helpful for babywearers that use the carrier with multiple children.
  • In the Fidella Onbuhimo your little one will seat in correct ergonomic seat.
  • Integrated sleeping hood is easy to reach and put up when you need to protect you little one for the sun or wind, or to hold your child’s head when having a nap.
  • Disadvantages? The shoulders bear the brunt of the child’s weight in an Onbuhimo since there is no waist band to share the load. This may be a problem for long term carry however it is a great choice for shorter wearing. Also for someone with shoulder or back issues, this carrier may not be a comfortable fit as the with is not distributed on the hips.

Fly Taï Mei-Tai Carrier by Fidella

Fly Taï is a beautiful, soft version of a Meh Dai / Mai Tai. It is a semi structured carriers that have a panel and have 4 long straps coming from it which form the waist belt and shoulder straps. Your babysits in the mei tai's body panel and you simply tie it around yourself.

Features of the Fidella Flytai:Fidella Flytai shoulder straps to reinforce the carry

  • With Flytai you can wear your little one in three ergonomic positions: front, back and hip carry.
  • Padded waist belt and shoulder straps to offer an extra comfort to the caregiver.
  • Shoulder straps can be spread over the shoulders onto your upper arms which help with weight distribution.
  • You can also use the shoulder straps to reinforce the carry when your baby is bigger and to also extend the seat. See picture on the right.
  • All the straps are generous lengths which means that they will fit the majority of wearers ( from 34 to 52 / XS – XXL).
  • The carrier can easily be swapped between caregivers without any readjustments needed. The wearer has to do simple tie the straps.
  • The integrated baby hood can be cinched so that you can use either as neck and head support or you can attach one side of the hood into your shoulder straps to provide head support.
  • The Fidella Flytai is available in two sizes (baby and toddler). Each size is fully adjustable and grows with your child : you can adjust the size of the seat, height of the back panel and neck area. The panel is adjustable to suit from birth to toddler-hood (the baby size), or from 9 months through to toddler-hood (the toddler size, which extends to be even bigger than the very generous baby size).

Fidella Flytai Baby Size

  • can be used from birth (minimum weight 3.5 kg and body size of 56 cm)
  • back panel height can be adjusted from 26 to 36 cm
  • eeat adjusted from 11 to 37 cm
  • can be used to a maximum weight of 15 kg

Fidella Flytai Toddler Size

  • can be used from 5-12 months onwards (minimum 10 kg and body size 80 cm)
  • back panel height  can be adjusted from 33 to 48 cm
  • seat adjusted from 24 to 45 cm
  • can be used to a maximum weight of 30 kg (one of the highest weights in the baby carrier market)

Fusion Full Buckle Carrier by Fidella

A buckle carriers are the most popular baby carrier type on the market, mostly because they are incredibly quick to put on and ease to use. The Fusion Full Buckle Carrier by Fidella is available in two sizes: baby and toddler size. The carrier is micro-adjustable offering you and your child a perfect fit. 

Features of the Fidella Fusion Full Buckle Carrier :Fidella Fuzion

  • Available in two sizes: baby size 56 - 74 cm / 22-29 inches (suitable from birth) and toddler size 74 - 98 cm / 29 – 36 inches (form 9 months to 30 kg). 
  • The Babysize Fusion baby carrier is newborn ready which means it allows you to carry your little one form birth with no insert need.
  • The Toddler Fusion Carrier can be used to a maximum weight of 30 kg which makes him one of the highest weights in the carrier market.
  • You can carry your child in two ergonomic positions: front & back carry.
  • The Fidella Fusion Full Buckle Carrier is certified hip healthy by The International Hip Dysplasia Institute. 
  • Lightweight and compact. It folds down really small and easily fitted into your bag.
  • For a comfortable babywearing the hip and shoulder straps are lightly padded, as well as the leg openings.
  • The carrier is equipped with a couple of straps and loops on the waist belt for hanging various essentials (keys, sling mirror, bottle of water etc).
  • Your Fidella Fusion Full Buckle Carrier is growing with your child and is easy to adjust for different sized children. How this carrier differs from other buckle carriers is its ability to be step less adjustable panel. The panel width and height can be micro adjusted. Thanks to multiple step-less adjustments your Fusion carrier offers you and you little one a firm, secure and comfortable fit.
  • The particularity of the Fidella Fusion is also the fact that it offers two buckle positions for perfect spine support at every stage.
  • Lower buckle positions : at the bottom of the back panel (just above the belt). In this position the strap is placed under your baby's legs.
  • Upper buckle positions : in the middle of the back panel. In this position the strap is placed above your child's legs. This position makes the panel less round and is recommended for children that hold their head and sit by them self's.

Click here to see our full range of Fidella carriers. If you are still uncertain about which carrier will be perfect for your family, please contact us. Our babywearing consultations will be happy to help you make a choice.

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