What is an Ergonomic Baby Carrier ?
What is an Ergonomic Baby Carrier ?
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The word “ergonomic” is recently very often use to describe baby carriers, wraps and baby wearing. But not many parent actually understand what does it exactly mean. What is hiding behind this word? Read this short article and find out what the adjective means and what is a difference between an ergonomic and non ergonomic carrier.

ergonomic baby carriers

What "ergonomic" means ?

By definition ergonomic equipment is designed in a way that makes it comfortable and effective to people that are using it. It means. An ergonomic equipment is designed to optimise it for human use.

What is ergonomics in baby carriers?

If we apply the definition to baby wearing, an ergonomic baby carrier should be comfortable for the wearer and for the baby. Ergonomic baby carriers are made to provide the best support for both : babies and baby-wearers.

For the wearers comfort it should evenly distribute baby’s weight and doesn’t put unnecessary pressure on wearers back and shoulders. The carrier should have padded shoulder straps and a wide waist belt.

For the baby an ergonomic baby carrier must properly and safely support the baby. An ergonomic carrier supports the natural baby posture and promote healthy hip and spine development. The carrier should support baby’s hips, spine and pelvis. The baby should seat in M-position whereby the baby’s bottom is lower than the knees and the hips are spread open. Ergonomic carrier should support your baby’s legs up to the backs of his knees, so his entire legs don’t dangle. This wide-leg, spread-squat position benefits baby’s comfort and proper hip development.

The images below explain M-position (frog leg shape) in an ergonomic baby carrier.

baby position in ergonomic carrierM-position in an ergonomic baby carrier

[Source: International Hip Dysplasia Institute]

During first months of life the spine should be round in C-position.

C-curved spine position in ergonomic baby carrier

A non ergonomic baby carriers places most of the weight through crotch and hip joints which makes babies more prone to hip dysplasia.

baby position in non ergonomic baby carriers

[Source: International Hip Dysplasia Institute]

Ergonomic baby carriers design

An ergonomic carrier comes with a comfortable seat that supports your baby’s weight. Your baby is supported by the bottom and not by the crotch. Most of the ergonomic baby carrier are cloth based (wraps, ring slings, mai tai, ohbuhimo) or have are soft structured carriers (called also buckle carriers) which have a soft adjustable panel.

We hope this short article explain you well enough what is an ergonomic baby carrier and how important it is to choose it for you and your baby.

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