Onbuhimo ergonomic baby carrier is a traditional Japanese style baby carrier without a waistband. This waistless soft carrier gives a wonderful feeling of freedom to you. The fact that it has no waist belt makes it perfect for pregnant women. It is designed to wear a baby high on the back allowing you baby see over your shoulder. It is suitable for children who are already sitting. 

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Price €55.42

Lennylamb Onbuhimo Toddler allows you to carry your child only on you shoulders. The carrier has no waistband. Onbuhimo Toddler size is growing with your child form approximately one and a half year old to tree-four year old toddler. Hand made in EU form high quality fabric. ▪ ergonomic carrier with no waistband ▪ front and back carry ▪ suitable form 18...

Price €55.42

Onbuhimo Standard Size Jacquard is growing with your child form the moment your little one is able to sit unassisted to 2-3 years old. It is ergonomic and comfortable. Hand made in EU form hight quality 100% cotton fabric.  ▪ ergonomic baby carrier without a waist belt ▪ front & back carrying positions    ▪ for children form about 8 months to 2-3...