What is a Ring Sling and why you need one! Beginner's Guide.
What is a Ring Sling and why you need one! Beginner's Guide.
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You have just had a child and all your friends are telling you about the advantages of baby wearing, but the knots scare you? The ring sling allows you to wear in a sling without learning!

Before committing yourself to the purchase of a large baby wrap that you won't know what to do with, learn all about the sling and fall in love with its simplicity!

Naturiou Ring Sling

What is a ring sling?

The ring sling, commonly called sling, is a baby wrap with rings, which allows you to carry your child without having to tie anything. You just have to tighten the sling, which is maintained through the 2 rings. The sling allows those who are not comfortable knotting to carry their child in a sling and in a physiological way.

It also offers parents a quick and easy carrying system. It is an asymmetrical carrying system, it is set up on one shoulder, and therefore allows you to carry your baby on your hip or on your belly. The fabric must extend over the wearer's shoulder in order to distribute the weight of the baby being carried.

With the ring sling, no straps that press painfully on the trapezius!

Neobulle My Sling Jersey Ring Sling

The different types: what is the best ring sling for your baby?

Like the baby wraps, you will find in the market these baby wraps without knots, either woven or stretchy. The sling then has the advantages linked to the chosen weave:

  • The stretchy sling

This Ring Sling will be enveloping and soft like the Little Baby Wrap Without A Knot Ring Sling from Love Radius and the My Sling from Neobulle. Stretchy means that it is made of a stretchy fabric, a bit like a sweater. For the novice, it will be easier to handle and install.

Love Radius (JPMBB) Little Baby Wrap Without A Knot Ring Sling

  • The woven sling

It will be supportive and adaptable like those from Storchenwiege and Neobulle with the organic cotton sling. This woven sling may look stiff when new. The fabric will soften with use and become a real joy to use. It needs a little break-in at the beginning.

You can also find woven ring slings in the brands Lennylamb or Little Frog! They will satisfy the most daring in terms of colors.

Just like woven wraps, the weaving technique can change. Jacquard for instance will allow for more colorful and qualitative fabric, while declinations of twill are cheaper.

Created originally by an association of professionals of physiological carrying, their goal is to offer high quality carrying materials, allowing to respect a perfect physiology for your children and all this : at a small price!

Little Frog Ring Sling

  • The water sling

It is called water sling because it is the only one that is usually associated with the seaside and pools. This atypical sling is designed in a textile that is light, dries very quickly, is ultra flexible and very ventilated! It will allow you to carry your child while bathing (extra care is required to prevent any accident from occuring) or when it's hot thanks to its breathable fabric.

One ring sling comes from the brand Lucky under the name of Sukkiri and also recently released a novelty R'Sling from the company Naturiou with breathable fabric, bright and pastel colors and compact design.

Lucky Sukkiri Mesh Ring Sling

Why choose a ring sling to carry your baby?

  • The benefits

Its main advantage is the ease and speed of installation of your baby in this sling without knot. Place the sling, install the baby, tighten, and it’s done! Your little one is all against you, and you enjoy the benefits of sling carrying without learning complex knots.

  • The physiological portage

Well installed in your sling your child has the best posture for his back. In the sling, the hips are correctly placed, and this position plays a role in preventing congenital hip dislocation, as confirmed by the International Institute of Hip Dysplasia.

The characteristics of a good sling carrier are:

  • The baby’s back is rounded C
  • His legs form an M-position with his knees which are higher than his hips
  • His posture is crouching, with a deep sitting

The picture below shows perfectly the correct physiological position in which your toddler should be in a ring sling:

 LennyLamb Baby Sling - Woven Baby Wrap - Broken Twill Weave

  • Ideal for breastfeeding

Ring Sling carrying allows breastfeeding very easily! Just loosen the ring slightly and tip the child on the breast. You can then reinstall it as swiftly as possible in the original physiological position.

Can I wear a newborn in my ring sling?

Slings are usable from birth. It is often one of the preferred ways of carrying for young parents for their newborn. Depending on the type of weaving, it can be used for more or less time. The sling can carry up to a weight of 15 kg, that is to say up to the 2-3 years of your child.

For small walks with the family, to go to get shopping or even in your house for daily tasks, it will follow you everywhere!

The baby wrap without knot side look

Whether you like neutral or bright colors, there’s something for everyone! At Love Radius, more classic colors, but with a reversible sling for mood changes. For rainbows, multicolored stripes or pretty patterns, Storchenwiege, Lennylamb, or Little Frog will fit you perfectly. Whether for novice or pros, sling is a real asset thanks to its simplicity and ease of use. It’s up to you to choose the one that suits you, woven, stretchy, colorful or classic, each with its own style!

Naturiou R'Sling - Mesh Water Ring Sling

How to learn to use a sling without a knot?

You decided to start utilize ring sling, but don’t know how to do it?

Before trying with your newborn, nothing prevents you from training yourself with a plush to integrate the right gestures! You will see, over time, they will become true automations!

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