What is the best ergonomic baby carrier 2020. Expert Reviews
What is the best ergonomic baby carrier 2020. Expert Reviews
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Choosing the right carrier i not an easy tasks. If you do not know which carrier to buy we recommend you to read the following article: How to choose the right baby carrier : guide and expert adviceHowever, we know that some parents are extremity busy and have no or little time to make their pick. This is why we prepared this short list of best baby carriers 2020 that gives you a straight forward answer of our babywearing experts what is the best carrier whether you are searching for a carrier for your newborn baby, a standard baby carrier, an all-season carrier that you can use during hot summer, or a plus size carrier for your 6 year-old. 

Best ergonomic buckle baby carriers of 2020

According to our babywearing experts these are the best ergonomic baby carriers of the the year 2020 :

Best SSC ranking 2020

To prepare this ranking of the best ergonomic soft structure carriers (SSC) 2020, we took into the consideration the following meters:

  • the opinions of our babywearing consultants;
  • the parents reviews that we have gathered during the babywearing workshops that we organise twice a month for many years now;
  • the product reviews online. As we own three websites two in French and one in English we have a big number of customers reviews to analyse;
  • the amount of product returns and problems that we need to handle after sale;
  • the quality of the products, the safety tests, the quality of the materials used ect.

We did our best so the ranking here is the least subjective possible.

Love and Carry One: best newborn baby carrier

We believe the One by Love & Carry is the best newborn carrier. We hesitated for a while between the Neo by Néobulle and the One by Love and Carry for the winier of best newborn carrier category but we made our mind after all. The winner is the One.

The One is a wrap conversion made of a jacquard fabric 100% cotton. It has adjustable seat and back panel that adapts to a very small baby. You can attache the shoulder straps of the carrier to it’s belt which makes the carrier support the natural curves of your baby's spine and follows it’s development by attaching them to the side of the panel. If you want to learn more about our top three newborn carriers read this article: What is the best newborn baby carrier ? Expert Review.

Love and Carry One -  best newborn baby carrier

Love Radius Hoodiecarrier: most stylish standard baby carrier

The best ergonomic baby carrier in the best standard size category (that is from 4 months) is the Hoodiecarrier by Love Radius. This is one of our bestsellers, we have only positive feedback during the babywearing workshops and excellent reviews from our customers. Both mums and dads simply love it's original sport-wear design.

Hoodiecarrier for comfortable babywearing

The carrier is very comfortable even for long walk (it has been tested and approved by our babywearing consultants). The carrier is made of very soft, breathable jersey and 3D-Air-Mesh technical fabric. Thanks to the breathable 3D all climates technology that optimises therm-regulation the HoodieCarrier can be use during all year long. 

Adjustable standard size carrier

If you want to use it form birth you need to buy a booster pack specially designed to wear from birth. The newborn extension pack consist of: headrest (a neck pillow to assure the newborn neck and head support) and seat booster (to assure the ergonomic position). For bigger babies you can use the booster to heighten the back carrying. So even if we recommend this carrier foe 4 month old you can use it with a newborn with the extension pack.

Love Radius Hoodiecarrier - most stylish standard baby carrier

Ergobaby Omni 360 : best carrier for facing the world position

Ergobaby is a leader on ergonomic baby carriers market with years of experience. What is special about the Omni 360 carrier is that it is adjustable for birth and it allows all 4 carry positions :

  • front carry forward facing (from birth)
  • front carry facing out (from about 5 months)
  • side hip carry (from about 6 months)
  • back carry (from about 6 months)

About front facing out carry

The front facing our carry position is one of the most common controversies in the babywearing world. Opinions vary among parents, manufacturers and babywearing consultants. This is a topic for a whole new article (coming soon). Let’s us just say that in our expert opinion the  font facing out position when practices safely, with en ergonomic carrier deigned for this position, for reasonable period of time, and with an age-appropriate baby (min. 5 month old) that enjoy it, is perfectly fine!

Best facing world baby carriers

Several other brands are offering facing world carry (e.g. Infantino, Tula) however the Ergobaby Omni 360 seems to us the most ergonomic in facing out position from all of them. As a winner of facing our baby carrier we recommend  Omni 360 by Ergobaby for those parents that wish to carry their little one in this particular facing the world  position. The carrier is available in two versions: Ergobaby Omni 360 All-in-One Baby Carrier and Ergobaby Omni 360 Cool Air Mesh All-in-One

Ergobaby Omni 360 - best carrier for facing the world position

Love and Carry Air X : best summer baby carrier

What is the best carrier for summer? There are several baby carriers design for very hot weather. Most of them have panel made of a mesh technical fabric (e.g. Tula: Explore Coast, Free-To-Grow Coast, Standard Coast, Toddler Coast, Beco Cool Carrier Mesh, Lennylamb LennyUpGrade Mesh Baby Carrier) but there are also carriers that offer a breathable panel that can be closed (zipped) to become a standard canvas panel (eg. Love Radius PhysioCarrier JPMBB, Love and Carry Air X). In our opinion the best heat-resistant and all-season at the same time are  baby carriers with breathable panel option. You can use it all year long: with closed panel during cold winter days and open during hot weather.

Air X : the only fully adjustable baby carrier with an opening panel

The advantage of the Air X over the PhysioCarrier is that the first one is fully adjustable (both the seat weight and panel high are adaptable). Is it better adapted for small babies and can be used longer then PhysioCarrier.

Love and Carry Air X - best summer baby carrie

Rose and Rebellion Big Kid : largest ergonomic baby carrier

The plus size carrier category is very important as the plus size carrier are not only for children that like to be carried but also for those that need to be carrier by their parents and caregiver (that is children with disabilities). The largest ergonomic carriers are: Buzzidil ​​Preschooler, Ling Ling d'Amour P4 Preschool, and RoseandRebellion Big Kid.

The P4 Preschool has the most accessible price. The Buzzidil Preschooler stand out with the high quality finish and fabric. Our fist choice is however is the Big Kid by Rose and Rebellion. Although it has a ultra simple design is it a very comfortable carrier, and this must be the most important factor when wearing 30 kg. The shoulder pads are well padded and almost the same width that the waist belt! The wide shoulders, chest strap and waist band distribute perfectly the weights between your shoulder and hips. It is the largest preformed baby carrier on the market.

Rose and Rebellion Big Kid - largest ergonomic baby carrier

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