Which is the Best Ergonomic Baby Carrier of 2019?
Which is the Best Ergonomic Baby Carrier of 2019?
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You want to know what is the best baby carrier available on the market before you buy one ? Of course you do ! This is why we asked our clients what do they think about the baby carrier they have bought.

A survey online has been conducted among our clients in order to make a ranking based on the customer’s opinion. Below you can find our the results. At the end of this article you can find as well an expert opinion form the Ergonomic-Baby-Carriers.com to explain the results of the survey.

No more suspense, let’s find out which baby carriers are the most recommended by the users !

Top 5 Best Baby Carriers of 2019 according to our clients are :

1. Hoodie Carrier by Love Radius (JPMBB)

2. Néo by Néobulle

3. Boba X by Bobacarrier

4. Omni 360 by Ergobaby

5. LennyUp by LennyLamb

A special mention ‘best value for money’ has been given to Air by Love & Carry as many clients highlighted the best quality price ratio of this baby carrier.

Zoom on 2019 most recommended ergonomic baby carriers

Let’s take a closer look at the winners, one by one. This will help you to choose the right baby carrier for you and your family. 

1. HoodieCarrier by Love Radius (JPMBB)

And the first prize and the title of « 2019 most recommended ergonomic baby carrier » goes to HoodieCarrier by Love Radius. With its modern and simple design, this baby carrier is not only very comfortable but really stylish and trendy.

Main advantages of the HoodieCarrier by Love Radius :

  • quality fabric : flexible as a wrap,d made of cotton with the Oeko-Tex100 label
  • adjusting system of braces, buckles and
  • padded straps that are easy to use and comfortable for parents 
  • sweat-shirt type hood, made of cotton, soft and breathable
  • breathable structure so you can carry your baby in any season
  • possibility to use it for birth thanks to an included booster
  • convertible carrying position : front carry, back carry and hip carry

Best Baby Carriers of 2019 - HoodieCarrier by Love Radius

2. Néo by Néobulle

Made by a french brand which is developing a lot these years. It is very small but should not have any complexes towards the big baby carriers au contraire! It's small size is one of it's advantages! Néo by Néobull is very easy to put it on and really easy to use. No need to wait a few months from you child birth to use it. Néo by Néobulle can be used from the birth with no insert needed. Is is a perfect choice for the parent that have no experience in babywearing. 

Main advantages of the Néobulle ergonomic baby carrier by Néo :

  • adjusting system with 5 set adjustments to meet both : parents comfort and baby’s ergonomic position
  • ergonomic position from the earliest age for your baby even a newborn
  • 100% organic cotton
  • made in France
  • flexible braces with an additional comfort thanks to soft pads included 
  • integrated sleep / sun hood
  • soft and flexible belly belt to protect mother’s health and comfort (after birth the belly is  sensitive so Néo designed the Néobulle carrier to void compression on mother's’ belly).
  • front and back carry

The Best Ergonomic Baby Carriers Of 2019 - Néo by Néobulle

3. Boba X by Boba Carriers

Ranked 3rd, Boba X is an adaptable ergonomic baby carrier which does not need any add-ons and can be used from the earliest age… incredibly simple. It has many interesting accessories to make the baby  wearer live easier. Thank you Boba X !

Boba X advantages are :

  • multiple adjustments
  • 2 pockets for small essential items
  • suitable from birth 
  • padded leg openings and seat extenders included 
  • removable and adjustable hood
  • breastfeeding friendly
  • purse strap holders
  • front and back carry

The Best Ergonomic Baby Carriers Of 2019 - Boba X by Boba Carriers

4. Omni 360 by Ergobaby

The last ergonomic baby carrier made by the famous brand Ergobaby. A tasty and wise mix between Adapt and 360. It is not too much to say that Omni 360  is the « 2 in 1 » version so it compiles both assets of Adatp and 360. 

With the Omni 360 you will be able to carry your child from the birth to the age he will reach 20kgs. A velcro system will allow you to adapt the position of the baby to his size. Omni 360 offers a softer pad on the back panel to protect lumbar of the child. No pressure, as braces can be adjusted and you can cross them when you fix it if you want to help the carrier. It is what we call the « X » carry in opposition to « H » carry  (the usual way of carrying) . You will love long trails or going outdoor as you will not suffer anymore from carrying your baby.

Ergobaby Omni 360 can be used in : front, back, hip or facing out position.

The Best Ergonomic Baby Carriers Of 2019 -  Ergobaby Omni 360

5. LennyUp by LennyLamb

This ergonomic baby carrier is loved for its adaptive ability. It can be used from birth without boosters. Various types of setting adjustments will ensure the « M » position that we are always searching for.  You can use it  until your baby weights 20kgs ! Lenny Up has assets which brought him in the leadership of the top ergonomic baby carriers ranking. Adaptive, made with high quality fabric, stout and soft braces and a robust waist allow an extended baby carrying if needed. Want to go for a smooth trek ? Want to walk on the beach ? Want to explore forest with the whole family ? Do not worry Lenny Up is here for you ! And your baby will follow you everywhere easily...

The Best Ergonomic Baby Carriers Of 2019 - LennyUp by LannyLamb

How to choose an ergonomic baby-carrier?

In order to help you to choose your baby carrier, our experts are here to add a bit more information to the ranking. The aim is not to change our clients selection. We quite agree with it and we are only feeding this top 5 with a few details and comments about the best buckle baby carriers.

As everyone’s expectations and needs are different we should remind that there are multiple selection criteria. Will you carry everyday ? In which position do you plan to carry your baby ? Do you plan to carry your baby until 3 or 4 years old ? These are just examples, to show that the competitive advantages you identify on a product mainly refer to your preferences, wishes and needs. We could for example search for the most comfortable baby carrier to use for smooth trekking trails ? Or what is the best ergonomic baby carrier to use in all weather conditions. It is only a question we can ask considering a certain prism. 

In 2018, our experts awards were : 

Boba X, as the most adaptive ; 

Néo de Néobulle, as best new born ergonomic baby-carrier ;

HoodieCarrier, as the most fashionable ;

When choosing a baby carrier it is important to determine your main requirements first and than to make a choice choosing the baby carrier that meet them.

And what if « best » would mean the baby carrier with the « highest value for money » ?

We decided to add one more model to this top 5 ranking of ergonomic baby carriers :  Air by Love&Carry. Why you ask ?

Because it is an ergonomic baby carriers very appreciated by our customers and characterises it the most often as ‘the best value for money’.

Main advantages of the  Air by Love&Carry :

    • Made in Europe

    • 100 % cotton

    • waist and braces can be adjusted to fit the baby physiological development and to adapt to the wearer

    • breathable fabric for an easier carrying in warm season

    • removable hood for the baby

    • extensive seat included to follow you baby growth

    • carrying bag included

    • carry in 3 positions : front, back and on a side

In early summer 2019, we will welcome Air X by Love&Carry. It is an updated version of the Air with mesh fabric and a few improvements. We can wait to test it !

The Best Ergonomic Baby Carriers Of 2019 - Air by Love&Carry

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