What is the best baby carrier for summer ?
What is the best baby carrier for summer ?
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Which baby carrier to choose for summer holidays?

It’s summertime and family’s are getting ready for their holidays. But, how to travel lightweight with a baby? The stroller is very cumbersome when we go by train or plane. The baby wraps takes too much time to wrap. Some baby carriers may keep you and your baby too hot. Don’t worry! We are here to help you choose the best baby carrier for hot summer weather. 

Which compact ergonomic baby carrier to choose to travel ?

The Boba Air Travel

The Boba Air is a baby carrier very practical for active parents and to travel. You can take your Boba Air everywhere easily. It is lightweight (330 g). It is very compact and easy to fold. It is self-storing, as it folds into its main pocket.  It won’t take much place in your purse so you can always have it with you. It has padded shoulder straps for your comfort. You can wear your baby in two carry positions : front and back. It is suitable from age of 6 months to 3 years.

Best Boba Air Travel baby carrier summer

The Infantino Zip Travel Carrier

The Infantino Zip Travel Carrier folds up easy into a zippered pocket in its waist belt. When not using it, there is no need to take it off to put it in your bag. You simly roll it in its pocket, and keep the belt like a waist bag. The Infantino Zip has been designed precisely to travel. You can pack it and unpack it in seconds. It is very compact and ultra-lightweight (270g). It allows to carry in two carry positions: front (facing in) and back position. You can use it from age of 6 months to 3 years approximately. It is comfortable for wearers thanks to padded shoulder straps and wide waist belt

Infantino Zip Travel compact for summer

What is the best baby carrier to use at the beach or at the pool?

The Lucky Sukkiri Water Ring Sling

The Sukkiri Ring Sling is made with soft and breathable mesh fabric. It is suitable for water activities around the pool or on the beach. You can enter the water wearing the sling. The mesh fabric dries very quickly. It can also be used as a classic sling. It is perfect during hot weather. With the Sukkiri Ring Sling, you can wear from 3,5 to 15 kg. It is adjustable like a classic sling with 2 rings.

Lucky Sukkiri ring sling for swimming with baby

Tonga Fit Adjustable Baby Carrier Support

The Tonga is a carrying aid that looks like a small hammock. Light weight and compact, you can store it in your beach bag or put it in your pocket. Easy and quick to install, take it our whenever your baby want to be carried on arms. It can be used from birth to 15 kg (about 3 years).

Tonga lightest mode of carrying

What is the best breathable full buckle baby carrier for summer warm weather?

The Love Radius PhysioCarrier 

The PhysioCarrier by Love Radius is an ergonomic full buckle carrier that is very comfortable and easy to use. Extra ventilation is provided by the mesh back panel. the carrier is equipped in a mesh baby hood to protect your baby from the sun. It adapts to all seasons as the mesh panel can be closed. You can wear your baby from the birth with infant extension pack (headrest and seat booster) to approximately 4 years. It is a perfect choice even for long hikes.

PhysioCarrier baby carrier summer warm weather

The Tula Coast Carriers

The Tula Free-to-Grow Coast

The Free-to-Grow Coast by Tula is a full buckle carrier that allows you to carry in two ergonomic position (front and back). The centre panel and the baby hood are made of a breathable mesh fabric. the carrier sis equipped with a removable mesh baby hood. Ideal for hikes, it is comfortable for both, wearer and baby and included pocket to store small items.

Tula Free-to-Grow coast summer mesh fabric

The Tula Explore Coast

With the Tula Explore Coast, you can carry your baby in also in front facing out ergonomic positions. A large breathable mesh panel and baby hood provide air circulation to keep wearer and baby cool. 

Tula Explore Coast baby carrier for summer

The Tula Toddler Coast

The Tula Toddler Coast is designed to carry toddlers from 18 months to around 5 years (11-27 kg). The large mesh panel provides extra ventilation which provide the optimal breathability to keep you and your baby cool. It contains removable mesh baby hood.

Tula Toddler coast warm weather

The baby-carrying makes family travel and holiday activities much easier. So, which baby carrier will you choose for your summer vacation?

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