Why to choose a water ring sling for this summer ? Top summer ring slings of 2022.
Why to choose a water ring sling for this summer ? Top summer ring slings of 2022.
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Ah, finally! Vacation time! Do you see the coconut palm trees, white sand and clear blue water? Let’s be honest. Since you’re a parent now, the time of reading in sun-chairs and drinking cocktails all day long is over. You may, however, spend quite a bit of the day in and around of water with your little ones. This is when a water ring sling comes in handy.

Below, we’ve listed and compared the best water ring sling baby carriers along with their advantages and disadvantages for an easy and quick overview.

In this article, you will find answers to the following questions:

What is a water ring sling baby carrier?
Why to choose a Water Ring Sling for summer vacation?
What are the advantages of water ring slings?
What are the inconvenients of water ring slings?
Can a water ring sling be used in the water?
Can I shower with Water Ring Sling?
What are the best Water Ring Slings?

What is a water ring sling baby carrier?

Firstly, a small reminder, what is a ring sling for those who do not know this baby carrier and did not read this article : Which type of baby carrier to choose ? Choose the Right One For You and Your Baby.

What is a Ring Sling ?

A ring sling is a long piece of fabric with two rings sewed in at one end. The rings are used to fix the tail of the sling and to adjust it. When fixed, the sling creates a pouch for the baby, that comes from a shoulder to the opposite hip.


The ring sling can be used from birth till your child reaches the allowed weight (which for most of the ring slings is 15 kg).

What is a Water Ring Sling ?

water ring sling baby carrier is a type of ring sling. What makes it different from any other ring sling is the fabric it is made of. Water ring slings are made of a special perforated mesh fabric that is ultra breathable and dries very fast. Do you see the small holes that let the air circulate?


The features of this special mesh fabric makes it a perfect choice for hot summer weather and humid environment : to play around a pool or on the beach. A Water Ring Sling allows you to have your hands free while you shower with your baby.

Why to choose a Water Ring Sling for summer vacation?

When you travel or go for holidays, you may hesitate which baby carrier to take with you. We recommend you a Water Ring Sling. Here is why.

Advantages of water ring sling baby carrier:

  • hands free
  • easy to use
  • perfect for quick-up-downs
  • breathable
  • do not absorb water
  • dries quickly
  • ultra-compact and lightweight
  • suitable for newborns
  • breastfeeding friendly
  • ergonomic position
  • one-size fits all (one ring sling for small and big parent)

Hands free

Travel and enjoy water activities with your baby with your hands free!


Easy to use and quick to put on

Put the ring sling over your shoulder, install your baby in a hammock, adjust with the rings, and it's done! Quick and easy. No need to learn knots! We recommend Ring Sling to all baby-wearing beginners.

Perfect for quick-up-downs

As it is quick to put on, ring slings are very appreciated by toddler's parents during "up and down" stage and during travelling (especially at the airport).


Water Ring slings are made of mesh fabric that allows the air to circulate and keep you and your baby cool during hot weather. This is particularly important in the first weeks, when baby’s body is immature and still learning to regulate its own temperature. During this period, babies are sweating easily, so the moisture-wicking fabric can help regulate sweating and body temperature.

Do not absorb water

The Water Ring Sling's are made of non-absorbent materials, so it does not gain much weight when the fabric is wet and thus it is comfortable for you, and your baby when wet.

LennyLamb water ringsling grey

Dries quickly

A water ring sling fabric also dyes much faster than cotton or any other non-mesh fabric.

Compact and lightweight

A Water Ring Sling is an ultra-compact and ultra lightweight baby carrier. It weights between 200-250 g and is so small you can take it with you everywhere.


Ring sling can be used from birth

You can use a water ring sling like any other ring sling from the earliest days of your baby. Take it to the hospital, it may come in handy on your way home.


Breastfeeding friendly

Most of the baby carriers are suitable for breastfeeding, but ring slings are particularly handy to support a baby for nursing. A ring sling is simply a must-have if you plan on babywearing and breastfeeding. This type of baby carrier makes life easier. The tail of the Ring Sling can be used as a cover for discreet breastfeeding.


Ergonomic baby carrier

A water ring sling as all ring sling is an ergonomic baby carrier. It allows you to carry your little one in a natural, hip healthy ergonomic position with legs in frog leg shape, tilted pelvis and knees higher than the buttocks  (M-position) and baby’s back rounded in a curve (C-position). It is very important in the first months of life to respect the muscular and skeletal development of your baby. To learn more about ergonomic position, read this article: What is an Ergonomic Baby Carrier ?

One size fits all

You can easily adjust the sling to your body type and baby’s size. It fits parents of different body size and can be used for kids of different age.

Inconveniences of Water Ring Sling

Yes, water ring sling have some inconvenience as well. We would like to talk about them too.

Asymmetrical babywearing

Like all other Ring Sling, this type of baby carrier  offers asymmetrical weight distribution. This means you may become uncomfortable if you want to wear a baby for long periods of time. Because of the asymmetrical weight distribution, we recommend using the ring sling for 15-30 minutes on one shoulder (depending on the age and the weight of your baby) and changing the shoulders frequently. If you suffer from back problems or shoulder pain, a ring sling baby carrier is not for you.

You will be more comfortable with mesh buckle carrier like for example :

Frequent adjustments 

Some people complain the water sling must be adjusted more often than other Ring Sling as the fabric slide when baby moves. This is true, the fabrics are smoother and requires frequent adjusting when baby moves a lot.

Can a water ring sling be used in the water?

This is one of the frequently asked questions. Thanks to it's non-absorbent material, you can use it around water (sea or pool). However, water ring sling are designed for use in humid and wet, but non-submersion conditions. It should be used for showers and wading only. Never attempt to swim or dive with a child in any baby carrier. Only Sukkiri says that their Water Ring Sling can be used in the water, however we discourage this kind of use. Using the Water Ring Sling it in deeper waters (sea, lake, pool) can be dangerous. Especially in places when the water depth may change suddenly (waves in a sea or simply bottom levels).

Sukkiri water ring sling

Can I shower with Water Ring Sling?

If you don't have a bathtub in your hotel? No problem, with Water Ring Sling you can shower with your little one. A Water Ring Sling is a perfect solution! Your baby is safer in a water ring sling, that in your arms, as wet and soaped baby gets slippery.

Are you convinced a Water Ring Sing is a must-have for the summer? Great! Let’s discover the best water ring slings.

What are the best Water Ring Slings?

We present to you the best 4 best water ring slings:

Sukkiri by Lucky

Sukkiri is produced by Lucky, the oldest and most trusted baby carrier manufacturer in Japan (founded in 1934). The ring sling Sukkiri is recommended for children from 3.5 kg to 15 kg (from 10 days until the age of 3 years). It weighs about 230g. It is 180 cm long (not counting the rings) and 68 cm wide. It is recommended for parents max. 190 cm high with chest up to 120 cm. The mesh fabric is 100% polyester (with shining finish) and the rings are made of aluminium alloy with the durability of 150kg. Sukkiri is available in many colors. Recommended retail price : €39.00.



  • Integrated pocket nearby the rings.
  • Wide colour choice.
  • Small rings.


  • Made in China (high carbon balance).
  • Labels just under the rings.

Sukkiri by Lucky labels

R’ Sling by Naturiou

Produced by Naturiou - family owned company with over 10 years of experience in babywearing launched this year (2022) the new Ring Sling: the R'Sling. Recommend from birth till weight of 15 kg. The R'sling is 190 cm long and 70 cm wide. Designed in France and made in Turkey of 100% polyester mesh fabric (with satin-finish). The fabric is soft and very nice to touch. The rigs are small and made of aluminium alloy with the durability of 200 kg. The rings has beed also tested for water corrosion resistance. The R'Sling is available in many colours:  green, yellow, orange, blue, green, white. Recommended retail price : only €29.00.



  • Integrated pocket at the end of the tail.
  • Safety and tracking labels can be hidden while using the baby carrier in the pocket
  • Designed in France.
  • Small rings.
  • Price : only €29.00
  • Best quality price ratio

Naturiou R'Sling Mesh Water Ring Sling Orange in a pocket


  • Long tail may be too long for the very small caregivers. Recommended for plus size parents.

Water Sling by MAM

Designed by MAM, a family owned company from Scandinavia (Finland) and sewn by a Scandinavian-owned, GOTS certified manufacturer in China. Recommended from birth till 12 kg, but can be used up to a maximum weight of 15 kg. The dimensions of the MAM water sling is 160 x 70 cm. It is made of high quality sports knit (100% polyester) with mat finish. It is equipped with nylon rings that can hold a weight of about 500 kg. Recommended retail price : €45,95.



  • Small labels just under the rings.
  • Narrow tail allowed it to slide it faster in the rings.
  • Available in many colours.

MAM Water Sling - narrow tail MAM Water Sling - small labels

MAM water ring sling colors


  • No pocket at all.
  • Made in China (high carbon balance)
  • Relatively high price.

Water Sling by LennyLamb

Produced by LennyLamb family business founded in 2008. Today it is one of the largest manufacturers of wraps, ring slings and structured carriers in Poland. LennyLamb produces beautiful and affordable babywearing. The water sling is relatively their new product. You can use it from 3 to 15 kg. It is 170 cm long and 70 cm width. Recommended retail price : €45,45.



  • Deigned and made in European Union (in Poland).
  • Delivered in a small white bag.
  • It has the certificate of compliance with safety norm ASTM F2907 - 19 & PD CEN/TR 16512:2015.
  • Dry the fastest (the holes are the biggest from the 4 presented here Water Ring Slings)


  • Very big ring which make is harder to adjust.
  • Many labels on the tail (the bottom of the sling).
  • No integrated pocket.
  • Available only in two colours at the moment : black and grey.
  • Relatively high price.

Water Sling by LennyLamb big labels Water Ring Slings - rings size

We hope this article helps you to discover Water Ring Sling baby carriers and that this comparison helps you to choose the right Water Ring Sling for you!