Mamalila babywearing jackets and coats. How to choose the right size?
Mamalila babywearing jackets and coats. How to choose the right size?
Oct 26, 2020 Baby Carriers Shopping Guide 1 Comments

One of the most frequently asked question about Mamalila babywearing jackets and coats are about the right size. It is understandable. Most of you buy a maternity or babywearing jacket in a time when your body is in a permanent state of change which may the choice difficult. Our babywearing consultants are coming with help! Below we provide you our advices on how to choose the right size.

How to choose the right size of Mamalila outwear?

The Mamalila outwear without any insert correspond to the regular sizing. So ask yourself a question:

What was your normal clothing size before the pregnancy and nursing (of course without a baby carrier or baby wrap on you)?

If you are worrying that you will not fit in your usual size any more, than don't!

  • The maternity insert is designed to create the necessary space for baby bump and/or post-partum belly.

Mamalila babywearing coats. How to choose the right size?

  • The baby-wearing insert to create the necessary space for your baby in a carrier or sling. The baby insert will also absorb any additional weight after birth.

Mamalila babywearing jackets. How to choose the right size.

Sum up: The Mamalila jacket or coat without any insert should fit well your normal clothing size without bump or baby.

Mamalila generously cut

It is important to know that Mamalila collection is rather generously cut. Even if the Mamalila jacket for woman, jacket for men, and coat cuts are different, here is a rough orientation size guide:

  • Clothing size 36 corresponds to Mamalila size XS
  • Clothing size 38 corresponds to Mamalila size S
  • Clothing size 40 corresponds to Mamalila size M
  • Clothing size 42 corresponds to Mamalila size L
  • Clothing size 44 corresponds to Mamalila size XL
  • Clothing size 46 corresponds to Mamalila size XXL

What are your habits?

Before choosing a size consider as well what are your habits. What do you usually wear under the jacket? Do you prefer a tight-fitting or loose-fitting jacket? It is an individual decision how you wish the jacket should fit so that you feel comfortable. However, we recommend you a loose-fit rather then a tight-fit.

Why we recommend loose-fit outwear for babywearing in cold weather ?

We recommend a loose-fit outwear for winter as the clothing that is too tight cannot build up a warming air cushion.

For more precision take a look at size tables with approximate measurements available at the bottom each product page:
- Mamalila Hooded Babywearing Coat
- Mamalila Softshell Babywearing Jacket for Women
- Mamalila Softshell Babywearing Jacket for Men Black

How to choose when hesitating between two sizes ?

According to Mamalila the chest size is decisive. We are all different, and very few women have standardised measurements that can be clearly assigned to a specific size. The Mamalila brand recommend to choose the size corresponding to your chest measurement (measured at the widest point) in case of doubt between two sizes. Once again we talk about "the usual" chest size (meaning before the pregnancy). The baby insert not only creates space for your belly and your baby, but also, for a temporarily enlarged breastfeeding breast.

If you have any other questions, leave us a message or just give us a call. We are happy to help you find the right babyweaing jacket for you!


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    You cane fine here the Mamalila wool coats :

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