What is the difference between the Original and the Basic wrap by Love Radius / JPMBB ?
What is the difference between the Original and the Basic wrap by Love Radius / JPMBB ?
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You are wondering which Love Radius baby wrap to choose? You want to know what is exactly the difference between them? Below we present a brief comparison of those two stretchy wraps by JPMBB. Take a look and find out which one is made for you !

The main differences between the Original and the Basic by Love Radius


The Basic baby wrap by JPMBB is smaller then the Original. The Original is wider (70 cm vs. 50 cm of the Basic) and longer (5 m long vs. 4,6 m of the Basic). This means that if you are a large or bigger sized wearer you should rather choose the Original. The Basic is suitable for small and medium sized wearers. Also the original can be used with children up to 14 kg. whereas with the Basic till 9 kg.


Even thought you can use both wraps all year long the fact that the Original is made of more danced and fabric makes it better for the winter season. The thinner fabric of the Basic is an advantage during the summer.

Original JPMBB Love Radius winter

Basic JPMBB Love Radius summer

Advantages of the Basic by Love Radius

Affordable price

One of the huge advantages is an affordable price tag. The recommended retail price of the manufacturer of the Basic is 44 € and 48 € (for the wrap with print) vs. 68,50 € for the 68,50 € the Original. The basic baby wrap is approximately 1/3 price cheaper then the Original.

Compact and lightweight

The Basic baby wrap is smaller and lighter what makes it more compact and lightweight (850g vs. 1kg of the Original).

Sum up of the Basic wrap : It is a comfortable, light and compact baby wrap for an affordable price.

Advantages of the Original by Love Radius

3 carry positions

As oppose to the Basic which can be use only for the front carry, the Original can be used in all 3 carry positions: front, hip and back.

3 carry possitions with Original baby wrap

Practical front pocket

The Original baby wrap is equipped with a practical front pocket for small essential items.

The Original wrap in sum up : The Original is more practical and multifunction wrap that is suitable for large wearers. You can carry your baby till age of 3-4 years old depending on your baby's weight (max. 14kg).

What they have in common?

Suitable for newborns

As well as the Basic, the Original baby wrap is suitable from birth. Your newborn baby will love to be wrapped against you with both of those wraps.

Approved hip-healthy by the IHDI

With both wraps you will carry you baby in a physiological hip healthy position. The Original as well as the Basic stretchy baby wraps are approved as hip-healthy baby products by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

hip healthy approved

Certified Oeko-tex 100

Both wrap’s fabric are certified heavy metal-free dye and treatments with Oeko-tex 100 label.

Certified Oeko-tex 100

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