Infantino Go Forward Ergonomic Carrier


Infantino Go Forward is an ergonomic full buckle carrier that allows you to carry your child in multiple carry positions including front outward facing. Easy babywearing form birth to toddler-hood without any infant insert.

  • multiple ergonomic carry position (including facing-out carry)
  • suitable form birth to three years (3,5-18 kg / 8-40 lbs)
  • newborn ready(no insert needed)
  • easy to use (intuitive design)
  • adjustable seat
  • extra-padded shoulder straps
  • wide padded waist belt
  • silicone teether
  • removable hood
  • 2 years warranty
  • machine washable at 30°C
  • lightweight (730g) 


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Infant-Toddler adjustable carrier

You can use the carrier form birth (no newborn insert is required) to approximately 3-4years old (max. 18 kg / 40 lbs). The carrier grows with your child thanks to an adjustable (11-30 cm) ergonomic seat. The seat transforms to fit the size of your child. Below you can see the narrow seat for newborns. As your child grows, you can extend the seat form the narrow infant-setting to its full widths.

Infantino Go Forward Narrow Seat

Multiple ergonomic carry positions

You can carry you child in 3 carry position with your Infantino Go Forwar carrier:

  • front tummy-to-tummy carry
  • front outward facing carry
  • back carry

Infantino Go Forward Front carry tummy to tummyInfantino Go Forward Frony out facing carryInfantino Go Forward Back Carry

Ergonomic facing-out carry!

The carrier assure the natural, ergonomic seat in all carry positions including front outward facing carry. To face out, flip up the hidden panel on the waist belt to create a supported seat for your little one. The ergonomic design supports your baby’s back and assure hip healthy Mn-position with knee-to-knee seat support.

Infantino Go Forward Front out facing carryInfantino Go Forward Front out facing carry

Comfortable baby-wearing

Infantino Go Forward is very comfortable for the caregiver too thanks to en extra-padded shoulder straps and supportive waist belt that transfers weight to wearers hips.

Safety First!

Infantino Go Forward is equipped with an innovative security system: a strap placed between the baby's legs. The strap protects your little one form falling in case you accidentally open of the hip belt when your child is still in the carrier. In our expert opinion, this anti-fall safety system is a real advantage of the carrier Go Forward.

Infantino Go Forward Safety Strap

Infantino Go Forward accessories:

  • removable soft muslin hood
  • silicone teether

Infantino Go Forward baby hood Infantino Go Forward baby hood Infantino Go Forward teether

Can I machine wash my Go Forward carrier?

Yes, the carrier is machine washable. We encourage you however to spot clean regularly using a soft cloth, soap and warm water rather then machine-wash. To preserve you carrier, machine wash cold only when it is necessary, using delicate cycle with mild detergent. We recommend to dry in the open air. Do not tumble dry.



Infantino Go Forward Manual

Infantino Go Forward Evolved Ergonomic Carrier - Manual

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