Hoppediz Weighted Demonstration Doll Newborn Size


This weighted demonstration doll is designed for babywearing, massaging and breastfeeding workshops. It is ideal for showing parents the physiological characteristics of a newborn and for teaching them how to wear a newborn baby in a sling or a baby carrier. Using such a doll during babywearing workshops with future parents gives them an opportunity to train with a realistic weight baby doll.

  • Height: 58cm
  • Weight: approx. 3.7 kg
  • Head circumference: approx. 38 cm
  • Realistic weight
  • Joints on arms and legs
  • Flexible limbs and torso
  • Open hands
  • Open mouth
  • Accessories provided: pajamas, hat, washable diaper, repair kit, protective bag
  • Made in China

Warning: This is not a toy. Not suitable for children.

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Areas of application:

  • Babywearing counselling 
  • Baby massage workshops
  • Breastfeeding counselling

Weighted Demonstration Doll Newborn Size

The weight corresponds to that of a newborn baby (3,7 kg), but appears somewhat heavier because the doll has no muscle tone like a baby.


  • Head, arms and legs: odourless soft vinyl
  • Body: hard-wearing, skin-coloured cotton
  • Filling: polyester wadding and sand

This demonstration doll is delivered with:

  • long-sleeved body
  • baby cap
  • cloth nappy
  • transport bag
  • fixing set (spare cotton wool and 2 light cable ties)

Product care

Handle with care. This is not a toy. Carry like a real baby. Always transport Demo doll in storage bag and do not leave open in the car. Do not machine wash.

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