Kinderkraft Nino Baby Carrier


Nino Baby Carrier by Kinderkraft is an ergonomic soft structure baby carrier for front and back carry. You can use if from age of 3 months till you little one weight 20 kg. 

  • ▪ front & back carry
  • suitable from 3 months up to 20 kg
  • ▪ the IHDI hip healthy certificate
  • ▪ easy and intuitive to use
  • ▪ innovative panel 
  • ▪ head support
  • ▪ adjustable shoulder straps
  • ▪ wide waist belt
  • ▪ handy waistband pocket
  • ▪ ultra lightweight and compact
  • ▪ made of soft breathable fabric 
  • ▪ 100% cotton
  • ▪ machine washable
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Simple babywearing

The Kinderkraft Nino is a full buckle baby carrier. Quick and easy to clip with two buckles: one in the waist belt and one between the shoulder straps. 

Kinderkraft Nino Baby Carrier Full buckle baby carrier

Two carry positions

With Nino baby carrier you can carry you baby in two ergonomic position: on your front or on your back.

Kinderkraft Nino Baby Carrier Front CarryKinderkraft Nino Baby Carrier Back Carry

Ergonomic seat

The wide seat supports well the baby's buttocks and thighs and allows your little on to seat in natural, ergonomic M-position with legs spread wide apart, and knees higher then buttocks. The soft panel allows the natural c-curve back position. Nino carrier is approved as hip healthy by The International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

Kinderkraft Nino Baby Carrier ergonomic M-position Kinderkraft Nino Baby Carrier ergonomic M-position

Innovative panel

The carrier's panel adjust to ensure an ergonomic position at every stage of you child adapting the panel size to your child size and age. The top of the panel protects your baby's head, guaranteeing its proper support without the risk of its leaning backwards. 

Kinderkraft Nino Baby Carrier  Kinderkraft Nino Baby Carrier - adjustable shoulder straps

Wide waistband and padded shoulder straps

To evenly distribute the weight of the child the carriers has a wide (10 cm) and soft waist belt. Soft filling of the shoulder straps ensures optimal pressure on the shoulders.

Kinderkraft Nino Baby Carrier with padded shoulder straps

Both the waist belt and shoulder straps are adjustable. You can also adjust the distance between the shoulder straps and move the shoulder strap buckle higher or lower to make it easier for the you to fasten and unfasten the carrier on your own.

Practical features of Kinderkraft Nino carrier

Rubber bands

The carrier is equipped with a practical rubber system that allows to shorten the straps preventing their ends hanging loose. 

Pads under clasps

To prevent chafing and reduce pressure the carrier has soft pads under clasps.

Pads under clasps Pads under clasps Nino carrier

Waistband pocket

In the waistband you can find a small pocket to store necessary small items like a phone or credit card within a reach of your hand.

 Kinderkraft Nino Baby Carrier waistband pocket Kinderkraft Nino Baby Carrier waistband pocket

Lightweight and compact 

Ultra lightweight(only 0.39 kg!) and very compact after folding, the carrier can be easy placed in your hand bag. 

Kinderkraft Nino Baby Carrier compact


The carrier is made of 100% cotton fabric. 


You can machine wash your Nino carrier on delicate cold cycle (max. 30°C). It dries quickly and does not crease.

Available colours

Nino Carrier is available in three colours: 

Kinderkraft Nino Pink Baby Carrier  Kinderkraft Nino Mint Baby CarrierKinderkraft Nino Grey Baby Carrier


Data sheet

Type of baby carrier
buckle carrier / soft structured carriers (SSC)
Carry positions
back & front
Main advantage
ultra compact
Baby's age
3 - 36 months
Baby's weight
5,5 - 20 kg
67 - 137 cm
Shoulder straps
53 - 198 cm
Panel height
42 cm
Seat width
33 cm
390 g
100 % cotton
Product care
machine washable at 30°
Made in

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