Neobulle Skin-to-skin Stretchy Wrap


Discover the Neobulle Skin-to-skin stretchy wrap, designed in consultation with specialists in neonatal medicine. We recommend this stretchy wrap especially to parents of newborns and premature babies to practice skin-to-skin contact.

  • ▪ suitable for newborns and premature babies
  • ▪ one seize fits all
  • ▪ dimensions: 310 x 50 cm
  • ▪ easy to use
  • ▪ breastfeeding friendly
  • ▪ 100% organic cotton
  • ▪ certified Oeko-Tex 100
  • ▪ made in France
  • ▪ guarantee 2 years
  • ▪ machine washable
Néobulle Peau à Peau
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What is skin-to-skin contact?

Skin-to-skin contact is the practice where a baby is laid directly on their mother’s bare chest, both of them covered in a warm blanket. It is recommended by UNICEF any time a baby needs comforting or calming and to help boost a mother’s milk supply. Skin-to-skin contact is often recommended in neonatal units, where it is often known as ‘kangaroo care’, helping parents to bond with their baby, as well as supporting better physical and developmental outcomes for the baby. Skin to skin can be also practised by the father.

Why to practice skin-to-skin?

There is a growing body of evidence that skin-to-skin contact has many benefits for both babies and their mothers. Neobulle Skin-to-skin Stretchy Wrap

Skin-to-skin benefits: 

  • reduces stress levels, calms and relaxes both mother and baby
  • regulates the baby’s heart rate and breathing
  • improves oxygen saturation
  • regulates temperature
  • stimulates baby's digestion 
  • stimulates the release of hormones to support breastfeeding (milk volume improves)
  • enables colonisation of the baby’s skin with the mother’s friendly bacteria providing protection against infection
  • help to create a bond between mother and baby

Babywearing skin-to-skin contact will bring benefits to you and your baby. It is particularly recommended in cases of premature birth. You can use Neobulle Skin-to-skin stretchy wrap to practice skin-to-skin contact as well with bigger babies, even toddlers to comfort your child when sick and to calm down when crying.

Whether your baby is premature or not, practice the skin-to-skin contact with your little one. Neobulle Skin-to-skin Stretchy Wrap is designed in consultation with specialists in neonatal medicine just for this purpose.

Skin-to-skin Stretchy Wrap fabric

The fabric of the wrap is soft and stretchy, 100 % organic cotton (no synthetic elastane) and guaranteed free from toxic substances by the Oeko-Tex label.


Your Neobulle skin-to-skin stretchy wrap is machine washable at 40°C. It can be machine washed at 60° in hospital conditions.

How to use Neobulle Skin-to-skin Stretchy Wrap?

Your Skin-to-skin Stretchy Wrap is really easy to use.

Neobulle Skin-to-skin Stretchy Wrap Instructions

Please note that the Skin-to-skin by Neobulle is not a traditional wrap for hand free baby carrying. You should not stand up and walk with it and you should always support your baby with one hand.

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Oeko-Tex 100
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