Boba Organic Teething Pads


If your baby putting everything into the mouth, buy now Boba Organic Teething Pads to protects your carrier and and keep you baby safe. 

  • ▪ 100% organic cotton
  • ▪ reversible
  • ▪ free of potentially dangerous chemicals and dyes
  • ▪ machine-washable 

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Why to buy Boba Organic Teething Pads ?

These reversible pads snap easily around the shoulder straps of your carrier to protect your carrier as well as your teething baby. Those baby carrier teething suck pads are made of 100% organic cotton. Contain no chemicals and no dyes. Your little one can chew it with no risks.

Boba Organic Teething Pads

Product Care

Your Boba Teething Pads can be machine washed. we recommend using a cool cycle and a mild detergent. Do not tumble dry or bleach.

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Data sheet

750 g
100% organic cotton
1 year