Ergobaby Omni 360 All-in-One Baby Carrier


Ergobaby Omni 360 all-in-one baby carrier is suitable from birth to toddler. It is a mix of Ergobaby 360 and Ergobaby Adapt combining the advantages of the both models in one! Like Ergobaby Adapt it is newborn ready thanks to a scratches system that adapts to the baby size. As Ergobaby 360, Ergobaby Omni 360 allows you to carry in all 4 positions!

  • ▪ all-in-one : 4 ergonomic carry positions
  • ▪ adjustable from newborn to toddler of 4-5 years (3,2-20 kg / 7-45 lbs)
  • ▪ no insert needed
  • ▪ adjustable head and neck support
  • ▪ lumbar support for you back 
  • ▪ padded, crossable straps for long wearing comfort
  • ▪ baby hood for sun protection (UPF 50+) 
  • ▪ detachable storage pouch included
  • ▪ 100 % cotton
  • ▪ machine washable
  • ▪ breastfeeding friendly
  • ErgoPromise 10-year guarantee
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Adjustable from newborn to toddler !

Your Ergobaby Omni 360 grows with your child from birth to 20 kg. 

Adjustable Seat 

A clever use of Velcro scratches allows you to adjust the seat size of your baby carrier. Let’s take a look: 

Position 1 : for newborn

In this position, the seat is adjusted to the minimum. 

Ergobaby Omni 360 baby Carrier Seat Position 1  for newborn

Position 2 : from 3 months

To make your baby carrier grow just move the scratches to the middle position as you can see on the picture below.

Ergobaby Omni 360 baby Carrier Seat Position 2  from 3 months

Position 3 : from 9 months

Below you cans see the scratches set to the maximum size.

Ergobaby Omni 360 baby Carrier Seat Position 2  from 9 months

Adjustable head support 

The headrest head support  is adjustable as well. You can put it it 3 different positions. 

Ergobaby Omni 306 - Adjustable head support

Position 1 : for newborn (0-to-6 weeks)

The head support is placed towards the inside in order to support the neck of the baby in a comfortable position.

Position 2 : form 7 weeks

The head support can be placed toward the outside as soon as you baby can hold his head.

Position 3 : form 7 weeks 

Use the up position when you baby is napping.

All-in-One Full Buckle Baby Carrier

Your All-in-One Full Buckle Omni 3006 allow you to carry your baby in all carry positions you need as you baby grows. Ergobaby Omni 360 is an all positions baby carrier which means it offers four comfy carrying positions, allowing you to carry baby at the front facing parent and facing out, back and hip. 

Ergobaby Omni 360 all oin one

- Front Carry Forward Facing  (from birth)

You can carry your baby on your belly form birth without any insert. Front carry facing parent is the best position for newborns. It will make you baby feel secure.

- Front Carry Facing Out (from about 5 months)

From about 5 months, the position facing the world is possible and it assure the ergonomic position. 

It is safe and allow you baby discover the world. Babies love it !

Not may baby carriers allow to carry a baby facing out in ergonomic position. Your Ergobaby Omni 360 does! 

Do not worry ! Your child will not have straight legs and will not be suspended by his crotch in the Omni 360. 

- Side Carry / Hip Carry (from about 6 months)

The hip is very useful if you are still breastfeeding. Thanks to crossable shoulder straps it is possible.

- Back Carry  (from about 6 months)

From 6 months, as a baby grows, wearing at the back is possible. 

Wear you baby comfortable with Ergobaby 360 Omni

No more back pain ! Your baby carrier 360 Omni has a belt with lumbar support for your back comfort. It also has the padded crossable shoulder straps for long wearing comfort with easy buckling on the front. A baby hood give you baby a sun protection and allow you discreet breastfeeding. A small pouch included is removable can be attached to the belt. Practical for storing small stuff ! This four position carrier is just made for you ! Super comfy for baby too, the Ergobaby Omni 360 holds baby in a hip healthy M-shape seated position at all stages with head and neck support. 

Washing and maintenance

Your baby carrier is in 100% quality cotton. You can wash it in the washing machine at 30°. Do not table dry.

2019 MadeForMums Golden Award

The UK’s leading parenting reviews website, MadeForMums, has announced Ergobaby Omni 360 Baby Carrier as the winner of the golden award of 2019 in “baby carrier” category. You can learn more about the MadeForMums 2019 awards here. 

2019 MadeForMums Golden Award

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Data sheet

Type of baby carrier
buckle carrier / soft structured carriers (SSC)
Carry positions
front face in, front face out, back, hip
Main advantage
4 carry positions, newborn ready (no insert required)
Baby's age
0 - 4 years
Baby's weight
3,2 - 20 kg
66 - 140 cm
Shoulder straps
68 - 125 cm
Panel height
38 cm
Seat width
14 - 27 cm
100 % cotton
Made in
10 years

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Todo muy bien

El envío muy rápido, el precio genial y la atención también. La mochila aún no la hemos probado pero nos la ha recomendado mucha gente. Saludos


Review posted on Trustpilot September 2020

This baby carrier is really comfortable since it is supported at your lower back rather than your shoulders therefore it is suitable for long walks or during a trip. The baby also feels very comfortable and relaxed in it. I would definitely recommend it.