Tula Lite Travel Baby Carrier


The Tula Lite Travel Baby Carrier is a ultra compact ergonomic baby carrier that you can always keep with you. It fold up easily in it's pocket, easy to carry in your waistband it is always ready when you need it!

  • front and back carry position
  • for babies form  5,4 to 13,6 kg weight / 12-30 lbs
  • suitable for children form 2 to 24 months
  • ultra compact
  • folds into its own hip pouch
  • quick drying fabric
  • detachable baby hood included
  • waistband pouch


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Suitable for baby’s on demand carrying stage

You can you this carrier for the moment you baby is 5,4 kg / 12 lbs which is about 2 months till your child reach the weight of 13,6 kg / 30 lbs.

Panel dimensions

  • Panel hight : 38.1 cm (16.5")
  • Panel width : 31cm (12.2")

Hip belt measures 58,5cm / 23" wide. It extendes with webbing to max. 145 cm / 57”.

Two carry positions

The Tula Lite carrier is designed for front facing in and back carry position.

Tula Lite Travel Baby Carrier Soar front carry  Tula Lite Travel Baby Carrier Soar back carry

Ultra Compact Tula carrier

Your Tula Lite is ultra compact baby carrier.

You can use this compact carrier at home to put your little one to sleep while doing house work, or just to keep your little one calm close to you while you are busy with something. It is folds into its own hip pouch it is easy to take wherever you go.

Tula Lite Travel Baby Carrier Discover  Tula Lite Travel Baby Carrier Soar 

Very convenient generous hip pouch

The carrier's waistband is equipped with a pocket on the inside that you can fold the carrier in and a pouch on the outside that can hold many items even when the carrier is packed away.

  Tula Lite Travel Baby Carrier Discover

Lightweight, durable and quick drying fabric

The carrier is made of woven Ripstop material used in the outdoor, apparel, and sportswear. Inside of the shoulder straps and waist belt are made of breathable mesh fabric to assure comfort even during hot summer days. The fabric drays quickly, so you can even take the carrier on the beach.

Detachable hood included

The carrier includes detachable hood. to protect your baby's head from sun or wind. You can also use it to support the baby's heard while napping.


Data sheet

Type of baby carrier
buckle carrier / soft structured carriers (SSC)
Carry positions
back & front
Main advantage
ultra compact
Baby's weight
5,4 - 13,6 kg
58.5 - 145cm
Panel height
38 cm
Seat width
31 cm
550 g
Product care
machine washable at 30°
Made in

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