Boba Air Travel Baby Carrier V2


It is an easy to carry, compact and ultralight full buckle baby carrier. Throw it right into your purse and rest assured that you are covered. Thank to Boba Air you will never find yourself without a baby carrier again !

  • ▪ front & back carry
  • ▪ adaptable from 4/6 to 36 months
  • ▪ suitable for babies and toddlers 7-20 kg / 15-45 lbs 
  • ▪ ultra lightweight : 330 g / 0.9 lbs
  • ▪ easy to use
  • ▪ compact and self-storing 
  • ▪ water repellent 100% Nylon
  • ▪ padded and breathable mesh shoulder straps
  • ▪ sleeping hood included
  • ▪ breastfeeding friendly 
  • ▪ 2 years warranty
  • ▪ available in two colours : black and grey
Boba model
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What’s new? 

This is the new, improved version of Boba Air !

The new Boba Air features are: 

- deeper, supportive seat with padded leg openings

- mesh, lightly padded shoulder straps

mesh padded shoulder strapsdeeper seat with padded leg openings

What did not change?

It's still extremely lightweight, self-storing carrier that you love!

Ultralight Fabric

This full buckle baby carrier is made from easy to keep clean, hard-wearing, durable nylon material. The fabric is water repellent and ultralight.

Compact and Handy 

You can take your Boba Air everywhere easily. It is self-storing, as it folds into its main pocket that becomes a zip lock bag. It is very compact and easy to fold. It won’t take much place in your purse so you can always have it with you. Isn't it great?

   Boba Air Compact Baby Carrier Gray     Boba Air Pocket      Boba Air Travel Baby Carrier Black

Great for Travelling

Boba Air is the best baby carrier to travel with. I allows your baby napping while you wait for your passport control, nursing discreetly while in transit. Handy to store and easy to put on, so you always have a carrier when you need it the most!

Beach Friendly 

you can also take your Boba Air on the beach! Don't worry, there will be no salt stains, no wet marks and no sticky sand! Thank you Boba Air! 

Two ergonomic carry position

- front-inward carry

- back carry

Boba Air has a deep seat that assure healthy ergonomic position for you child. It is Certified Hip Healthy by International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

Comfortable for both you and your baby

The new Boba Air is now more comfortable than ever. It now has padded leg openings for your baby comfort and breathable mesh lightly padded shoulder straps for yours.

Sleeping Hood 

The carrier has a hood to protect your baby  from the rain, sun, or simply to sleep. It also give you some privacy while nursing.



Machine wash or simply wipe clean.

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Data sheet

Type of baby carrier
buckle carrier / soft structured carriers (SSC)
Carry positions
back & front
Main advantage
lightweight and compact
Baby's age
4/6 - 36 months
Baby's weight
7 - 20 kg
63 - 147 cm
Shoulder straps
51 - 102 cm
330 g
Made in
2 years

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