Mamalila Hooded Babywearing Coat


Made from pure boiled wool 3 in 1 Mamalila Hooded Babywearing Coat is absolutely fantastic !  

Advantages of Mamalila babywearing winter coat:

  • ▪ classic cut, modern and fashionable design (2016 German Design Award Winner)
  • ▪ sophisticated material mix: natural boiled wool and functional membrane
  • ▪ functionality (maternity, babywearing and standard winter coat all in one)
  • ▪ baby insert adjustable in several places for optimum fit
  • ▪ suitable for front and back carry
  • ▪ versatile therefore long-lasting coat
  • ▪ high quality finish
  • ▪ suitable for all weather conditions (warm, windproof and waterproof)
  • ▪ naturally breathable and climate regulating
  • ▪ dirt repelling
  • ▪ Winter hardy yet surprisingly light for a warm winter coat (about 1,5 kg depending of the size)

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Mamalila modern design & high quality finish

The Mamalila coat’s design, with it’s a classic but modern cut was award with the 2016 German Design Award. 

Mamalila Hooded Babywearing CoatMamalila  - Logo_German_Design_Award

The coat also stands out with it’s high-quality finish.

Mamalila high quality finish

3 in 1 winter coat : maternity, babywearing and standard winter coat

Your Mamalila Coat will serve you for years at it is all in one : maternity, babywearing and standard winter coat! The product includes a coat and two inters: 

maternity insert and babywearing insert. 

hooded-babywearing-coat-anthracite-3-in-13 in 1 winter coat : maternity, babywearing and standard winter coat

Maternity winter coat

You can use it all along your pregnancy. The maternity insert will make the coat large enough to fit in your pregnant belly.

Mamalila Maternity winter coat

Babywearing winter coat suitable for front and back carry

With babywearing inserts you can use in while babywearing in two carry position: front & back. The babywearing insert can be adjusted in several places for optimum fit. The hood for mom can be rolled up so as not to disturb you child when back babywearing. Children (up to 1,5-2 years) will fit in the coat with a babywearing insert. 

Mamalila Babywearing winter coat front carry Mamalila Babywearing winter coat back carry

The babywearing insert can be adjusted in several places for optimum fit and is equipped with fold-up wind protector for baby’s neck.

Mamalila babywearing coat with wind protector for baby’s neck.

Standard wool coat

You can use the Mamalila Hooded Coat as a standard coat without your baby, so you can keep it long after the pregnancy and babywearign period! 

Mamalila- hooded-coat-berry

Your Mamalila Coat  is high quality, functional and long-lasting winter coat

Mamalila Coat’s Fabric

Made from pure boiled wool and windproof 2-layer lining Mamalila Hooded Babywearing Coat will keep you and you baby worm and dry. 


    • outer layer : 100% wool 

Mamalila Coat Fabric- pure boiled wool

    • windproof lining : 100% polyester

    • windproof membrane :  100% Polyurethan (PFOS-free & FC-free)

Advantages of boiled wool fabric

The boiled wool has amazing features:

  • water repellent
  • dirt repellent
  • breathable
  • climate regulating

Advantages of boiled wool fabric

Temperature-Regulating Fabric

Wool fabric creates a unique shell climate. As the fibres are loose, the fabric creates air chambers that trap and retain the heat of the human body. This makes an isolation layer.


Wool keeps warm but is all at the same time naturally breathable fabric.

Water-repellent Coat

The fiber surface is water-repellent. Wool fibers bind moisture in the form of water vapor and direct it away from the body to keep you all nice and dry. While the moisture is absorbed (it can absorb up to 1/3 of its own dry weight  without ever feeling clammy), the water drops are repelled and the fiber surface remains dry. 


Thanks to the lanolin in the wool the Mamalila coat is naturally dirt-repellent. How awesome is that? Please not that it is recommend not to wash is it if not necessary as unnecessary cleaning of the coat may wash out  the lanolin. 

Care and maintenance instructions

You rarely need to wash the coat thanks to the natural stain repellent properties of the boiled wool. Do not machine wash. Hand wash or professional dry clean only. When hand washing only use a dedicated wool detergent. Lie flat to dry. The coat do not wring.

How to choose the right size of Mamalila coat?

The Mamalila coats have a generous sizing. you should choose a smaller size that you buy usually. Please take a look at the table below to choose the right size. 

Example: If you usually wear size 36 please choose coat size: XS ans not S size.

Szie Guide for Mamalila Coat

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Data sheet

Carry positions
back & front
Baby's age
0 - 2 years
2 years

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Mamalila Babywearing Coat

Mamalila Hooded Babywearing Coat Data Sheet

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