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Beco is an American brand created by Gabby Caperon, born and raised in the Czech Republic. She came to the US in 2002 as a business graduate and physical therapist, but she started her working life in the US as a housemaid. When her son was born, she purchased some raw materials to make her first baby carrier. One day when she was wearing her son, a woman saw the carrier, loved it and asked if she could buy it. Gabby sold it to the woman and immediately purchased more materials to make a  couple  more carriers, which she then sold online. Since then the business keeps growing. Today, the company offers various ergonomic baby carriers. Our favourite is Beco Toddler and Beco Toddler Cool Mesh Carrier.

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Price €133.33

Are you tired of chasing your little runner?  With Beco Toddler Carrier you can carry you toddler in an ergonomic, comfortable and healthy position.  ▪ front, hip & back carry ▪ adjustable from toddler to big kid ▪ suitable from approximately 18 moths (9-27 kg /20-60 lbs) ▪ suitable for XS-XXL wearer ▪ padded crossable shoulder straps  ▪ legs out...

Price €133.33

Ideal choice for summer hot days. The COOL version of Beco Toddler Carrier is made of a moisture-wicking microfiber fabric, with a light and breathable 3D mesh panel and liner to keep you and you baby cool. ▪ front, side and back carry ▪ toddler to big kid carrier ▪ suitable from approximately 18 moths (9-27 kg /20-60 lbs) ▪ XS-XXL wearer ▪ padded,...